Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my PIT-11?
Pursuant to Article 39 of the Personal Income Tax Act, the employer is obliged to provide the PIT-11 form with information on earned income and withheld advance tax payments for 2023, both to the taxpayer and to the relevant tax office by the end of February 2024. Your employer will notify you by email or text message when the document is ready for download.
Will the PIT-11 form be sent in paper form to my correspondence address?
The PIT-11 form, available on our platform as an electronic file, is secured with a login and password and signed with a qualified electronic signature. If PIT-11 is submitted electronically, the employer is not required to send it in paper form.
How do I log in to the Pobierz PIT platform?
In the login window, in field 1 you should enter your first name (Polish characters to be used, the field is not case-sensitive), in field 2 - your tax identification number (PESEL number, NIP number or passport number, as specified by the employer), and in field 3 - a password received in an email or text message.
What should I do with the PIT form downloaded from the online platform?
Each Employee who receives a PIT-11 form (or several forms) is obliged to use it to fill out an earned income statement for 2023 (usually PIT-37) and submit it to the Tax Office in electronic or paper form by 2 May 2024. PIT-37 is the most common form filed by employees, contractors and other entities, for whom advance tax payments are calculated and collected by the taxpayer (workplace, employer, etc.). You can find more information at
Is the PIT-11 uploaded on the platform already settled and can be submitted the Tax Office?
The PIT-11 declaration is not filed with the Tax Office. Each employee is required to file an earned income statement for 2023 (e.g. PIT-37 form).
What should I do if my PIT-11 form contains incorrect data?
In case your PIT-11 form contains incorrect personal data, select "Request correction" functionality after logging in, fill out the items that require correction, and confirm with the Send button. You can also contact the employer by email or phone by selecting "Contact the issuer".
I worked for the employer in December 2023, but I received my salary for that period in January 2024. In this case, will I receive a PIT-11 form from my employer this or next year?
PIT-11 shows the income earned by the taxpayer within a given tax year. This means that the PIT-11 form for 2023 includes income earned in 2023. Salary due for December 2023 but paid in January 2024 is included in 2024 income, pursuant to Article 11 of the Personal Income Tax Act.
What is an electronic signature?
Pursuant to Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 1999 on the Community framework for electronic signatures, an electronic signature contains data in electronic form, added to or logically associated with other electronic data, which serve as a method of authentication.
What is a Public Key Certificate? Is it necessary to download it?
PIT-11 forms are delivered as .pdf files electronically signed by the issuer. In order to verify the authenticity of the document, you need to download the Public Key Certificate (.fdf file), and then open it in Adobe Reader. Downloading the certificate is not required to download and save the PIT-11 form.
What is authentication?
The process of authentication consists in confirming the identity of a given person, usually by submitting an official identity document with a photograph, or - in the digital environment - by means of an electronic signature.
I cannot open the downloaded form. The size of the .pdf file is 0kb.
Please update your browser (e.g. Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer/Opera) to the latest version. If this does not help, please contact the issuer of the form by e-mail or telephone.
When I open the form in Adobe Reader, a message pops up about problems with signature. What should I do?
You need to authenticate your electronic signature. You can find the details in our tutorial video.